Constitution Collaboration:
For this assignment, the class is working together to investigate the Constitution and what it determines for the government. For this assignment you recieved a part of the Constitution and relative questions that you are going to present the answers to, to the rest of the class. Make sure that your project is not in question and answer format. Make sure that your project contains the answers to the question, pictures, and a video (if possible). Make sure you name your page with your group members' names, and tag it with what section it is(Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, Judicial Branch, Checks and Balances, Amendment Process, Federal System).

Student Examples:
Legislative Branch:

Nathan's Legislative
Executive Branch:
Claire, Tony, Joe, and Robert's Executive Branch Project

sean and daniel

Andrew,Daniel and Justin:
The Executive Branch and1.ppt

Judicial Branch
Johanna Giulia Tori 2nd hour

Asha and Delphine page:

Checks and Balances:
Checks and Balances.pptx by Kristen Schmidt and Lizzy DiSelier
Amendment Process:

Jack D, Jonah R, and Jaylen P
Who has the power to propose amendments?
Who approves the amendments to the constitution?
How many amendments have been made?
Which amendment gave women the right to vote?

Sydney L. and Gillian P.

Federal System:
Artemis, Josh, Vincent
V and J.wmv

Colin,Loic,peirce federal system